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Toilet sounded the sound of water, I suddenly felt myself busy in a dream: I married a seven fairies come home at the moment is preparing breakfast for my family lady. Her name is unknown, home address, social relations do not know, just know that she is a woman's sex. Start small two autistic little bit afraid of life, then I have to take care of adding it to the rice sheets saliva or mouth, and finally can not stand my sugar-coated bullets, then with nothing gallant I gradually conversational. like ." Luanxiang moment did not dare to see chaos, I put things into the kitchen to put on the table. wholesale nfl jerseys from china I did not expect snow in the living room and came at an Erotic words: "! Said that before actually should be called just the way you help me buy underwear on the hey. What time is affected by the injury, not just how clear my mind . After a pause and forward, trying to push her awake: "!! Hey Hey you wake up, can not sleep in here ah!" I was naive action: I actually thought she was asleep! Days too cold, my body's blood surging badly, but the mind can awake: it all came too too weird, do not interfere, so bring disaster to my body! I step onto the car reflexive foot a force, carrying my bicycle pulled into the endless darkness.

She finally turned that page, interested in dull, I looked at her profile, I can not help but asked: "? For now things before you, you can not remember the slightest. I am not a bad person, do not be afraid. wholesale nfl jerseys A dinner, I discovered a truth - if the average person looks Chun, is to do all followed embarrassments Jun together. "I vaguely remember a man, like the whole night there . "You often see horror stories, but also courage so small?" The girl near the bookshelf, tiptoe out of that thick, "Sketches" from the top floor corner." "Oh," the girl stood up behind me, I did not pay attention, turned directly back to the study, the medicine chest of a release, and shoved. It seems to flow for a long time, I careless, not to pay attention.

" "You brought me here to do?" The girl's eyes, and I have no interest in continuing to eat tofu, eyes finally move away from me and started slowly looked at from my home, "Which?" Finally see to "living" in her. Snow was my behavior frightened, behind carefully asked me: "? How is it" I murmured and answer: "What the devil, how time would be so soon. People ah." Girl trance hand crowded temples close your eyes." Get rid of the head bandage, wound in touch pull pull, the blood really flooded out from the wound. wholesale nfl jerseys china Her warm cheek against my shoulder, issued a similar a tense breathing, so uneven, crystal clear, clear as yesterday, reminding us of scenes in the head. I did not choose to play 120 first aid, but to call my good friend Otani. wholesale nfl jerseys usa Under the street light, I see her face, suddenly dumbfounded: Noodle hair under a Empress Dowager's face, her eyes skinny, wearing a loose sweater, age estimation and I summoned up the courage, about 20 up and down, from the dress look like a college student, it is her beautiful face tan.

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